Frequently asked questions

Can I use multiple TVs for one box?

No, only One TV for each Media Center

Are their any monthly subscriptions?

SHABOXX Media does not provide any media content, therefore, we do not charge any monthly fees/subscriptions. Some of the content providers do require their own license agreements and many of these do charge a subscription fee. But most like Pandora only require a license with no required monthly fees.

Will this work with any Internet connection?

Your SHABOXX Media Center will work with any internet connection provided that it is fast enough. The suggested minimum connection speed is 18mbps.

Can I download anything to the box? If yes, what can I download?

Our SHABOXX Media Center does NOT download, upload, or copy any of the media content that is streamed.

Is the SHABOXX Media Center portable?

Our SHABOXX Media Center is portable meaning you may travel with it to connect to any TV with an HDMI connection. However, power and internet access will always be required.

Is it legal?

Yes, provided you use your SHABOXX Media Center as intended. Like your home computer, you have access to much media content via the Internet. Much of the content available does require it’s own license agreements. Our SHABOXX Media Center is a mini-super computer. It scrapes the internet and pulls any available media streams to your system.

What’s the warranty service?

12 Months Warranty against defects.

Is there any parental locks?

Many channels has parental controls and this should satisfy your needs.